Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mohammad Omar Captured?

The Taliban’s number one in command, Mohammad Omar, has been apprehended in Pakistan, The Woodward Report has learned. The information was confirmed by a Marine Officer operating on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

Rumors began to surface about the arrest on Monday, when a U.S. blogger that goes under the screen name Bred posted on his blog that the Taliban leader had been arrested sometime in March. The authorities of the United States and Pakistan refused to confirm the allegations.

The Marine officer, who wished to keep both his name and rank confidential said, “I was there when we initiated the raid on his safe house. The mission was outlined as an attempt to apprehend Omar, who was believed to be hiding out in a safe house buried in the mountains of Pakistan. I do not know why the Department of Defense will not confirm this report.
We shall see.

Update:Sorry folks, the post has been removed, looks like another BS trolling for hits fraud.

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