Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tax Woes

I have been working on taxes all morning. I'm getting freekin hammered!. It is getting more difficult every moment to save and improve. Supporting the 50% of people that pay NO taxes is taking it's toll.

I've got 11 yr old twins to send to college, yet making an exceedingly decent living, to put money away for them and retirement is almost impossible.

I have not bought a new car in 25 years, I have not bought a new piece of furniture in 10. Other then food and groceries/gas we spend nothing on ourselves yet I still manage to crank 20% away for the kids. NOT NEAR ENOUGH!

I beginning to believe, with what I have saved, the best route is to live off the government teat and take it easy. After all, why bust my a$$ when I can skate and do just as well.

And this is the reason I'm pi$$ed.

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mgb said...

Welcome to my world.