Friday, April 30, 2010

Obama's Demoralized Left

Rasmussen has the GOP at plus 6, I happen to believe it's somewhere in the middle. Even at plus 3 combined with the "intensity quotient", barring something earthshaking, the Democrats are likely to get shellacked come November.
The Gallup Poll generic congressional ballot of registered voters shows that those supporting Republicans and Democrats are in a statistical tie, with Republicans at 46% and Democrats at 45%. The real story, though, is the huge advantage that Republicans have in enthusiasm about voting. Gallup shows 57% of those supporting Republicans as very enthusiastic and only 37% of those supporting Democrats as very enthusiastic.

Several weeks before, the Marist Poll published a revealing profile of New York voters. The partisan breakdown of those "very enthusiastic" about voting this November showed these percentages: Republicans (34%), Democrats (25%), and Non-Enrolled (20%) -- a modest edge for Republicans. The enthusiasm of New York voters widened significantly when the ideology of the voter was considered: 38% of conservatives were very enthusiastic about voting; 22% of moderates felt the same; and only 18% of liberals were very enthusiastic about voting. The left in America is demoralized. This slide will continue, for several reasons...

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