Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama Bats 1000...Negatively

Like Jimmy Carter, Obama is the perfect reverse barometer.
Ask the Kansas Jayhawks, Obama’s curse continues. As if anyone cared to begin with Obama made a show of filling out another NCAA tournament bracket this year; he picked Kansas to win it all, Kansas loses in the second round to Northern Iowa. The man has quite a string going when it comes to driving the death nail into someone’s coffin.

I’m sure this will be pointed out to death, but first we had the failed bid for the Olympics in Chicago. The media was sure that the Obama factor would weigh heavy on the Olympic committee’s mind, it did, it just had the opposite affect from what most thought would happen. Obama flies to Copenhagen to wrap up the bid for Chicago and they get ousted in the first round. Strike One.

Then came the stuff that really mattered, elections; two governor’s races in Obama territory and newly founded Obama territory. Obama made campaign appearances in both New Jersey and Virginia; the GOP takes home the prize in both races. Strike two and three. Hey, shouldn’t he be out?

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