Friday, February 12, 2010

Congressional Approval Hits 15 Year Low

The latest CBS News/New York Times Poll finds most Americans are now dissatisfied or even angry with government – and much of that frustration is directed at Congress, which now receives just a 15% approval rating. Levels of distrust and cynicism about government are at or near 15-year highs.

Dissatisfaction extends to both political parties as well – the Democratic and Republican parties are near record high unfavorable ratings in CBS News/New York Times Polls.
Perhaps, but remember, the party in power historically receives the lions share of the backlash.

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Mark @ Israel said...

The approval ratings only illustrate that those who were elected should do something for the good and welfare of all Americans. It also tells them to stop what they are doing which is detrimental to this country. The Democrats and Republicans should listen.