Friday, December 18, 2009

Template for Disaster

This what 50 years of Democrat governance will reap. Previews of coming attractions for the rest of the country if the left has it's way.

*An unemployment rate that even its beleaguered Mayor Dave Bing has said “in reality it’s probably close to 50 percent.”

*A real estate market that doesn’t exist as evident by the thousands of houses that can be had for $1.00 or free.

* Most Police precincts rely on mandatory overtime just to get enough cops to man the patrol cars they need on each tour. Under current conditions the police don’t patrol, they just travel from “job” to “job”. They have no time for patrolling.

*The City’s teachers are being extorted to pay their own salaries by making interest free “loans” only repayable at separation.

* There are no major supermarket chains doing business in Detroit and people are being forced to grow their own vegetables in abandoned trash filled lots.

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