Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"The Prisoner" Reviewed

I rarely comment on such things as mundane as a television miniseries. Let me make the exception to offer my two sense worth on the the "updated" version of "The Prisoner".... IT SUCKS! Despite top notch casting and a premise with tons of potential it fell flatter than a 2000 lb. pancake dropped from the Sears Tower.

It was nothing more than a cross between a soap opera made on the cheap and "Twin Peaks" without the sex and persuasive plot. One is beotchslapped early on by this dung pile of creativity. It wasn't cinematography or the acting that made most of us incredulous, it was the complete incoherence of storyline and one of the monumental anticlimaxes of all time. Self involved is a compliment for this little gem.

Maybe I'm just not deep enough, or maybe I had a hard day and wasn't feeling too "artsy" at the time or maybe it just sucked hind tit. Whatever the reason for my gut reaction,take my advice....don't waste your time, reruns of "Family Guy" or The Office" or "I Love Lucy" will leave you far more spiritually fullfilled than this cinematic piece of crap.

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