Thursday, November 26, 2009

Honduras Supreme Court backs Zelaya ouster

(Reuters) – Honduras' Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that ousted President Manuel Zelaya cannot legally return to office, dimming the possibility of his reinstatement after a June coup, court sources said.

The Court did not release the full text of its non-binding ruling, but a court source and a lawyer close to the proceedings said it closely follows earlier decisions upholding Zelaya's ouster after he moved to change the constitution.

On June 28, soldiers removed Zelaya from office and sent him into exile on orders from the Supreme Court. The Congress swore in Roberto Micheletti to head the new government, but the world denounced the move and refused to recognize the interim government.
Two thoughts : First, it's NOT a coup if his ouster was backed by the Congress and SC. If any coup was committed it was Zelaya attempting to usurp the Constitution. Second, Obama backed the wrong horse yet again. As Carter, he's becoming the perfect opposite barometer.

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