Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama: Professor Gates Probably "Overreacted"

This man is a bullsh!t artist like I haven't seen in my lifetime....

President Obama says his choice of words unfortunately gave the impression that he was maligning against the Cambridge Police Department.
Obama said, he hopes as a "consequence" that this event becomes a "teachable moment" where people spend more time "listening to each other" and to generally improve relationships between minorities and police officers. Obama said more unity is needed.

Regarding this being a local issue, Obama said he felt like he needed to step in because race is still a "troubling" aspect in our society.

"Unfortunately gave the impression"???!!! He stated uniquivically the the police "ACTED STUPIDLY". That is not giving the "impression of malignment", that is a blatant allegation of incompetence or malfeasance. Jeez, be a man and admit you jumped to a conclusion that was flat wrong and move on. Continue to try and spin this thing and you will do more damage to yourself and this country than you could possibly imagine.

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