Monday, July 20, 2009

Clinton Calls De Facto Honduran Leader To Demand President's Return

“de facto” my butt, the present leader was installed in accordance with the Honduran Constitution and Congress in total compliance with the laws of Honduras.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called de factor Honduran leader Roberto Micheletto to warn him about the consequences for his country if it does not permit ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to return to power, the State Department said Monday.

Clinton called Micheletti on Sunday from New Delhi, where she is meeting with Indian officials on climate change.

It is the first call from Clinton since she met with Zelaya in Washington two weeks ago following his removal from power for trying to hold a referendum in defiance of an order by the nation's Supreme Court. The United States supports Zelaya's return to office.

BTW, it certainly appears that the present administrations policy of "not meddling in the affairs of other countries" has been exceedingly shortlived. Perhaps a new term has been born, "selective meddling".

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