Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why Our President Will Not Host National Day of Prayer

But National Transgender/Necrophilia/Pedophile day will demand a 60 minute worldwide televised speech.

SAN DIEGO, May 7 -- Why would our President cease holding National Day of Prayer Ceremonies at the White House during the most turbulent economic times in our nation? When his constituents are looking to his leadership for the hope and change he promised during the his campaign? When he constantly quoted scriptures and the Bible at campaign stops along his road to the White House? Our President has do so since 1988, used Christianity to gain political advantage and earn the position of President.

Conservatism was birthed out of the Bible and Christianity as was the United States of America. Our founding fathers were Christians first and politicians second. Conservatism, morals, and values apart from the Bible and Christianity are powerless words mouthed by politicians from every party even radio/TV talk show hosts.

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