Monday, May 18, 2009

Caterpillar To Slash Hours For 1,000 Workers

Remember this: Obama: Caterpillar will rehire if stimulus passes

LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Caterpillar Inc. said it will cut hours at least in half for nearly 1,000 workers at its Lafayette engine plant in its second work reduction announced this month and third in two months.

The company filed a notice Friday with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development saying the reduced hours would affect 985 of the plant's 1,900 employees beginning Aug. 24 and might last for six months.

The Lafayette plant notified Workforce Development on May 5 that it would furlough 141 workers for at least six months, beginning July 31. On March 17, it said it was laying off 439 employees at the plant for at least six months beginning May 29.

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