Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Very Personal Easter Message

What more appropriate time to visit about abortion than the day that our savior rose from the dead in the confirmation of sacrifice and the affirmation of rebirth and salvation.

I, as many have been challenged with the temptation of an easy way out of the earthly obligations that accompany the behaviors that we have freely chosen. I admit my beautiful wife was stronger than I when it came to walking the walk in this respect. When I was still reeling at the prospect of becoming a father in my 40s, my wife in her mid 40s was asked by her Doctor if she wanted an amniosynthesis to determine if the child was non-Downs syndrome. She emphatically said "NO", "it makes no difference in MY pregnacy" and was therefor, irrelevant.

What a simple yet perfectly wonderful response. I don't think I ever realized how much I loved her until that very moment. There wasn't a question in her mind at that time nor has there been in mine since.

It's one thing to self righteously spew pro-life rhetoric, as I had done in the past, it's quite another to unhesitatingly practice that which one preaches. The 18 years of financial obligation the male will minimally rightfully encounter is minute compared to the real commitment that a women must encounter in a pregnancy, giving birth and afterwards.

Thank God I was blessed with two wonderful twin boys that were both perfect at birth. They have given me in 10 years more joy and delight than I had ever experienced in my prior 42 years. Had they been born not so perfect, I know it would have made no difference in how I feel about them. For anyone with a perfect or less than perfect child knows, love, dedication and allegiance to our offspring carries no prerequisites of flawlesness. My wife knew that then and I know it now.

I believe that God truely has a special place in heaven for those women who have shown the resolute determination to bear children in the harshest of personal circumstance especially the ones knowing that the child they would bear would be less than perfect.

Any women who is ingenuous to herself deep down knows what is right. As a man who thought he knew what he believed, it took a women who truely knew what she believed to school me on the inviolate sanctity of life.

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