Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John McCain-Sarah Palin rift grows ...

I'm beginning to believe this old geezer blames Palin for him losing the election. Quite the opposite is true as he would have lost by at least another 6-7% without her.

Who's poised to lead the Republican party out of the woods? John McCain seems convinced that one GOP notable is not the person for the job, someone he's quite familiar with - his former running mate.

On Monday's "Tonight Show," Jay Leno asked the Arizona Senator to name the new guiding lights of the Republican party, and McCain was quick to rattle off a list of "young, dynamic" governors around the country.

Palin wasn't one of them.

McCain singled out Lousisana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Florida Gov. Charlie Christ, Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty, and Mitt Romney, McCain's chief rival for the Republican presidential nod in 2008.

One thing for sure, McCain continues to reinforce the opinion I had of him when I held my nose and voted in November.

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