Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Speaking of Duped

Funny, but when I first read the story about Obama's "private" wailing wall note being released I was bemused by the breathless indignation of his campaign and the MSM over something that could do nothing but help him. Now I know why I got that hinky feeling, it was a set up....

Obama Campaign Collaborated With Media On Release Of Western Wall Note

The Obama Campaign collaberated with the Israeli news media to publicize the note that Barack left at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. An Israeli paper was duped by the junior Illinois Senator’s campaign to publish the note.

The Israeli Insider broke the news:

What initially seemed to be a journalistic scoop of dubious moral propriety now seems to be a case of an Israeli paper being played by the Barack Obama campaign. Maariv, the second most popular newspaper in Israel, was roundly criticized for publishing the note Obama left in the Kotel. But now a Maariv spokesperson says that publication of the note was pre-approved for international publication by the Obama campaign, leading to the conclusion that the “private” prayer was intentionally leaked for public consumption.

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