Friday, July 25, 2008

Romney Tops List of VP Choices

Maybe McCain could have Mitt deliver all the major speeches.

With Washington abuzz over speculation that John McCain will announce his running mate this week to take some of the focus off Barack Obama’s overseas travels, over a third of U.S. voters say Mitt Romney will be the Republican vice presidential candidate.

The former Massachusetts governor and one-time rival of McCain’s for the GOP presidential nomination was the top vote-getter with 36% in a new Rasmussen Reports national survey taken last Friday night.

Among Republicans, Romney is the leading choice by far: 50% say they think he is the best running mate, and 47% think he will be picked by McCain. He is the top vote-getter among unaffiliated voters, too, with 34% expecting him to get the nod.

Forty-four percent (44%) of likely McCain voters believe Romney is the best choice, with 45% sure he will be the one who is actually chosen for the vice presidential slot.

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