Friday, June 27, 2008

Youth All-Star Game Canceled To Prevent Bruised Egos

As a little league coach I run into this sort of hyper sensitive liberal cowpie on a regular basis. We're breeding a generation of losers. Oh well at least we can make them feel good about it.

BEACHWOOD, Ohio -- A local community has canceled an all-star game for youth baseball players because it doesn't want to exclude anyone.

People in Beachwood are upset, and it's not just parents and children. The issue is when is a child just learning a game and when are they old enough to compete in it?

The city of Beachwood and its recreation department drew the line at age 12.

The phone lines lit up on WTAM on Thursday morning as parents and sports fans called to voice their opinion on the city canceling its all-star game for 9- to 12-year-olds.

For decades the game has been played on July 4, but in a letter to the coaches, the parks and recreation department said the tradition is over, saying its not their desire to exclude any child from participating in a recreation event.

The letter sites an article written by the CEO of the National Alliance for Youth Sports that says all-star games bruise young egos.

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