Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ward Churchill Will Speak At New School

I don't know who is worse, Ward (Cleaver) Churchill or the idiots who give him a forum in which to spew his vile dictum.

A professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Ward Churchill — who ignited a national furor with his description of some of the World Trade Center employees killed on September 11, 2001, as "little Eichmanns" — is scheduled to speak Monday in New York at the New School.

At the invitation of the New School's Women of Color student group, which is funding the event from the university's student fees, Mr. Churchill will give a talk titled "Sterilizing History: The Fabrication of ‘Innocent Americans,'" in which he will discuss what he says are ongoing efforts to erase the history of native cultures. Mr. Churchill is a self-described American Indian — though his ancestry has recently been called into question — and his academic work has largely focused on America's treatment of indigenous peoples and political dissidents.

"Those of us students organizing this historic evening are not afraid of controversy as we stand firm in our support of academic freedom and Mr. Churchill's outstanding contributions and analyses.

Oh really? I am eagerly awaiting their invitation to Ann Coulter or Micahel Savage in the furtherment and support of "academic freedom".

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