Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Couric's ratings are down, but give her time, trio urge

Whiney feminazis want Couric to have the position of authority but not the responsiblity.......

So say three female media experts about the CBS Evening News anchor, who's been under the public microscope since her Sept. 5 debut.

With CBS mired in its usual third place in the weekly Nielsen derby, some critics say viewers aren't ready for a solo female anchor.

Adding fuel to their fire: In the November ratings sweeps, the $15 million-a-year Couric averaged almost 170,000 fewer viewers per night than did her less expensive "interim" predecessor, Bob Schieffer.

It's unfair to expect Couric to boost ratings simply because she's the first woman to solo- anchor a weeknight network newscast, Overholser says.

"It's a little bit like saying, 'We have a couple of women presidents in nations now, but still we don't have peace.' We have all these great expectations that haven't been achieved."

That's is very possibly the most tortured analogy I have ever heard. Television is not bean bag, the rewards are great ($15,000,000) but so are the expectations and responsibilities. You don't pay your way you're history just ask the thousands of would be sit com producers who got bumped after 6 episodes because of poor ratings.

If you can't stand the heat stay the he!! out of the kitchen!

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