Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Racist Red Lobster Receipt Was Apparently Faked

Paging Al Sharpton...

A recent storm of completely understandable Internet rage came when a Red Lobster waitress posted a customer's $44 receipt featuring the N-word in lieu of a tip. But wait, there's a happy ending to this story: The waitress in question was given an online fundraiser that resulted in over ten grand in donations. Faith in humanity: restored!

There's, uh, just one little detail. What none of the sites reporting this tale seemed to notice is that the racist word didn't match the client's other writing on the receipt ... and, disturbingly, was closer to the handwriting found in the waitress' Facebook photos.

One handwriting analysis later, the customer is now suing the waitress and the restaurant. It turns out he didn't even have her as his server, since his order was to-go. In other news, anyone reading this who gave "Tips for Toni" probably needs a fundraiser for a new computer monitor.

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