Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Colorado Apartment Building Tells Tenants They Have to Get Rid of Their Guns — or Leave

Hope the complex has several Lawyers on retainer, they're gonna need em.

An apartment complex in Colorado has news for tenants: get rid of your guns, or get out.

Art Dorsch said he’ll either have to give up his guns or move out of his apartment.

The Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock, Colo. sent notice to residents last week of a new provision banning all “firearms and weapons” from the premises, KUSA-TV reported. Tenants have until Oct. 1 to comply.

Art Dorsch, a 77-year-old retired Marine Corps veteran, told KUSA he’s afraid he’ll lose his home if he doesn’t go along with the new rule. He’s a hunter and has a concealed carry permit. Dorsch, who’s living on a fixed income, said managers told him he has three options: get rid of his guns and stay, keep his guns and move out voluntarily, or keep his guns and be forced out.

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