Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hillary Clinton gave visiting dignitaries signed copies of her autobiography

Wanna bet on how many of those ended up in the trash?
Foreign dignitaries who came to Hillary Clinton’s court at the State Department during the early days of her tenure as America’s chief diplomat often left with an autographed copy her autobiography, according to a new book on Clinton’s time as secretary of state.
In her book “The Secretary,” BBC State Department correspondent Kim Ghattas writes that the State Department was deluged with visits from foreign diplomats, particularly from Europe, after Clinton was confirmed as secretary of state in early 2009. The foreign ministers of various countries usually pressed Clinton to visit their country in her new role, according to Ghattas.

“No promises were made and most visitors left with a signed copy of Hillary’s autobiography, Living History,” writes Ghattas.

It’s unclear whether the foreign dignitaries asked for the souvenir or were provided it unprompted.
Yea, surely they asked for a copy (rolling eyes).

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