Thursday, February 28, 2013

Soooo- Which White House Hoodlum Threatened WaPo's Bob Woodward?

Mr. Woodward better grow eyes in the back of his head.
Obama also thinks he owns the press, and I guess he's mostly right there- yet pride cometh before the fall: Rule #1 if you're going to pick a fight would be 'know what you're getting into'- and maybe -just maybe- famed Washington Post investigative reporter Bob Woodward wasn't the one to screw with.
Mr Woodward is of course currently engaged in -and winning- a very public debate with the White House, and came out with a scathing indictment yesterday of Obama Administration disinformation and reckless fiscal brinkmanship ("madness"), i.e. delaying military deployments (before the sequester even hits) due to the 'budgetary situation'.

These stunts are pure propaganda stagecraft designed to pressure Republicans into making a deal (on Obama's terms), since hitting the sequester deadline with no real catastrophes materializing -and current White House charades exposed- would be the worst possible thing that could happen in 'progressive' eyes (betraying the fact this country can survive -even prosper- with a few cuts here and there).

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