Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is the Way “Forward” – Gov. Scott Nixes ObamaCare Healthcare Exchanges

Hope this sets a precedent for the rest of the Republican Governors out there.
There’s one path “forward for Republicans if they’re serious about reclaiming power in the future- do not capitulate to the failed ideas and destructive economic policies that President Barack Obama will assuredly quadruple down on in the wake of his re-election. It’s one thing to win an election by misleading and bribing the masses, but let me be clear, as Obama would say- in no way, shape or form did the president win a national debate on the merits of his policies- and his policies, when they are fully implemented will undoubtedly cost us jobs, raise our taxes and further strain our already cash-strapped state budget.
Governor Rick Scott is showing the way forward if Republicans want credibility as the clear alternative to the statist interventions that Democrats offer, as he’s declined to implement the state health insurance exchanges that were mandated with ObamaCare.

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