Friday, March 23, 2012

“Chicken Nuggets” Teacher Breaks Down in Tears Under Questioning Before Resignation

Appears Ms. Maynor might skip a few McNuggets herself and bring some cottage cheese from home.
(RAEFORD) – The pre-K teacher involved in the “chicken nuggets” incident in Hoke County changed her version of what happened after undergoing three separate interrogations. Margaret Maynor was brought to tears in the third session. She submitted her resignation soon after.

In a highly unusual move, the Hoke County School System released documents from the teacher’s personnel file purportedly showing why the pre-K instructor resigned.

Previous articles reported some students with homemade lunches were given trays of school food because their bag lunches didn’t meet federal nutrition standards. One girl didn’t touch her homemade lunch and just ate three school chicken nuggets.

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