Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Occupy Protestors Disrupt Washington Pro-Life Prayer Vigil

The "peaceful" pro-abortion crowd show thier true colors yet again.
A peaceful religious tradition was disrupted today as the pro-abortion version of Occupy Washington attempted to surround and overwhelm a group of prayerful pro-life advocates in front of the Supreme Court.

For the last nine years, CEC For Life has sponsored a prayer vigil for unborn babies on the morning of the March for Life. Opposition from pro-abortion advocates is always expected, but often minimal. This year, however, CEC For Life found themselves quickly surrounded by a much larger and far more hostile group than usual, according to Fr. Terry Gensemer of the o0rganization.

Gensemer said that, as those leading the prayer vigil began to invite pro-life advocates to join in worship, those with the pro-abortion opposition positioned themselves inches away from the musicians, chanting, screaming, and dragging a ten-foot banner between the team and those trying to pray and worship.

One member of the pro-abortion force actually spent an extended amount of time screaming into the face of an adopted child whose sign read: “I’m glad I was adopted and not murdered.”

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