Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Official Unofficial Thanksgiving Recipe Posting

Okay folks, the third year we have been doing this and it's time yet again. We're having a traditional dinner....a 18# Tom turkey deep fried in peanut oil, yams with brown sugar bacon drippings and multiple spices, green bean casserole, southern style mac and cheese, fresh frozen (Cherokee variety) sweet corn, reduced gravy from the drippings with Idaho Russet mashed potatoes, no dressing :(, wife hates "soggy bread"..

For the hardcore meat eaters ....4 racks of Pork Baby Back ribs cooked on the Bradley Smoker starting in about 2 hours.

Dessert: Pumpkin Divine....a combination of pumpkin pie and cake with a brown sugar and butter topping. This will give sex a run for the money.

Please, give up your best.

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