Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fact Check: Obama Exaggerates on Campaign Promises

How many people in the business world would still have a job with a 30% success rate?
During recent political rallies, President Obama ambitiously claimed that he has delivered 60 percent of his 2008 campaign promises, but the watchdog organization reveals that the President’s assertion is far from accurate. Speaking at two fundraisers earlier this week, Obama recounted a list of "accomplishments" which he has resolved during his first term in the White House, as he rattled off a catalog of completed initiatives, including financial regulation, healthcare reform, and pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq

According to PolitiFact’s data, the stark contrasts between candidate Obama and President Obama may help explain why so many "Hope" and "Change" posters have faded. The government watchdog calculated that of the 506 pledges candidate Obama offered during his 2008 campaign, he fulfilled only 151, or just below 30 percent. Tacking on campaign vows that the President compromised on, his "mission accomplished" score rises to a meager 39 percent. The Washington Times reported on one of Obama’s most politically crucial campaign promises...

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