Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Business Flees Illinois

More than double the tax rate in 1 year and this is unexpected?
Tomorrow (Tuesday), Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is expected to announce that Indiana will welcome a new business that will bring 240 new jobs to Indiana — all thanks to Illinois’ Governor Quinn, the Illinois Democrats, and the major hike in Illinois’ taxes the Democrats put on Illinois businesses.

Modern Drop Forge, of Blue Island, Illinois, is expected to move its operation to Merrillville, Indiana. They are also expected to make a $7 million investment to improve the new property, according to NWI Times news of Indiana.

“The Democrats just don’t get it,” said Scott McCoy, a businessman and candidate for Illinois State Representative of the newly formed 106th House District in Central Illinois. “The Democrats caused this with their huge tax hike on Illinois businesses. Now, Illinois businesses are looking for more business friendly states and I can’t blame them. Illinois is doing this to ourselves. I hope the people in our state figure it out before we look around and see no businesses or jobs left in Illinois.”

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