Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Murdoch on rumors Fox may rehire Olbermann: ‘We don’t believe in firing people twice’

Whether or not he wants to work there again, former Fox Sports Net anchor Keith Olbermann is unwelcome at the network.

In a FNC interview that aired Wednesday, host Neil Cavuto asked News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch if he would consider rehiring Olbermann, who was canned from the network.

“No,” Murdoch said. ”We fired him once, we don’t believe in firing people twice.”

“You called him a ‘nut,’” Cavuto said.

“Well he was a nut on…We had him on ‘Late Night Fox Sports’…It was impossible,” Murdoch said.

Olbermann worked at Fox from 1998 to 2001, when Murdoch gave him the boot.

“I fired him…He was crazy,” Murdoch said.

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