Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspector General Fired by Obama Wants Congressional Hearing on His Case

This is one guy that ain't going quietly into the night. – The ousted inspector general who reported that his office found misuse of AmeriCorps funds granted to a charity run by a political ally of President Barack Obama sees an assault on the institution of government watchdogs, noting that besides himself, the inspectors general in both the Treasury Department and the International Trade Commission (ITC) have faced reported hurdles in doing their jobs.

He says he wants Congress to hold a hearing on his firing.

“I certainly don’t know the facts about any of the other IGs. But I don’t think you can find in the history of IGs such an administration attack on and terminating IGs before the last few weeks,” Gerald Walpin, the recently fired inspector general of the Corporation of National and Community Service, told on Friday. The agency runs the youth volunteer program AmeriCorps.

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