Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Obama: "I Screwed Up"

I've noticed recently that Democrats are awfully quick to admit a botch and then throw themselves on the mercy of the people. It's effective but only once or twice. It's ridiculously early in his tenure to be playing this trump card.
WASHINGTON, (AFP) – An embarrassed President Barack Obama admitted "I screwed up," after his political soul mate and pick to lead health reform Tom Daschle withdrew in a storm over personal tax issues.

On Obama's worst day in the White House so far, he also lost another nominee -- Nancy Killefer, who he had named as government budget watchdog, and termed one of his most "important" appointments -- also over tax issues.

The twin bombshells overshadowed Obama's bid to showcase his economic stimulus plan in a flurry of television interviews and reflected the potential traps he has set for himself by promising a new era of ethical government.

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