Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Romney Wins! Who's next?

Just some personal observations from last nights Michigan primary.

Mitt Romney not only won but he won big and in doing so he has made it all more the likely that we will go to a brokered convention. He stopped whatever momentum McCain had building and seriously clipped the the wings of upstart Mike Huckabee. We now have had 3 primaries and three different winners. If Fred Thompson should pull the upset in South Carolina and Giuliani in Florida that total will go to 5 respectively and the race will have degenerated into a full blown free for all.

If these contests tell us anything it's that the Republican electorate just flat hasn't made up their collective mind. They neiher love nor hate any of the contestants and untill someone emerges to definitively make the sale this thing will be in limbo.

I for one welcome a brokered convention. It will be good for the process as well as the party and may end of giving are party the conviction we have so sorely been lacking. If South Carolina and Florida turn out as I suspect they might, stock up on the popcorn, it's going to be an epic adventure.

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